About us

For over 11 years Szczotki Techniczne Polska company has been offering its customers a full range of sweeper brushes, special and technical brushes, camera systems, weed cutting systems and parts for sweepers. Machine operators can count on high quality products and professional advise provided by qualified empolyees.

Szczotki Techniczne company offers traditional channel and roller brushes made of the highest quality steel and polypropylene. Additionally, roller brushes are available in regular, spiral or V fibre shape. Some of the most important products in the offer are rings available in three versions: wave (ZigZak), flat and conical. World's first full plastic brush rings take you to the next level in sweeping efficiency. Convoluted rings have 40% higher sweeping efficiency, moreover it is not required to use distance rings and there is no material loss during sweeping thanks to the use of one material. 

Szczotki Techniczne company offers also wide range of weed cutting systems from  Armigo system which is compatible with all grass trimmers, disposable weeding heads, and steel tufts to many weed brushes in different steel and tufts configuration.

Szczotki Techniczne company offers products for the largest and most popular brands on European and Polish communal equipment market like: Bucher, Johnston, Ravo, Faun, Schmidt, Scarab, Azura, Tennant, Pom Augustów, Pronar, Metal-Technik, Stiga, Bobcat, JCB and many other… In one place a client can find complete offer for every season of the year.